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Would you read this book?

Posted in Uncategorized,Writing by jennybondurant on April 29, 2009

I am getting ready to send pitches/query letters for my novel to potential agents. The pitch has to get them to want more … show the story is interesting enough and the writing is compelling. The pitch is also compared to the info to back-cover information.

I would love your feedback … Does this description make you want to read more? Thank you for your help!

Disappearing Acts by Jennifer Bondurant

Twenty-three-year-old Edie leaves her 5-year-old son Sean standing barefoot and alone on the sidewalk and drives away. Twelve years later, she wonders if coming back was really the right thing to do. In 1986, a teenager trying to overcome child abuse, Mandy seeks a safe place in now 17-year-old Sean’s arms, but as their relationship intensifies, she finds the hole in her heart harder and harder to fill.

Set in America’s heartland, Disappearing Acts is a 76,000-word, literary fiction novel of Edie’s and Mandy’s alternating first-person narratives, as each discovers that running away from the life she feels trapped in forces her to face reality. When Mandy convinces Sean to run away with her, the novel parallels her emotional journey with that of Edie’s in 1974. A tragic incident converges the stories and brings the two women to a shared loss that changes each life in a different way.

Disappearing Acts reveals the hard truth doing the right thing doesn’t guarantee a happy ending and you can’t run away from what is in your heart.


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  1. Chief Dakota said,

    Yes – I want more …. after publication, please send me 10,000 copies and 30 cases of Kleenex !

    Good Luck Jenny Benny …. I hope this effort moves forward …. best wishes.

  2. Gina McLcahlan said,

    Sounds good. I will say that the name might be confusing because Jodi Piccoult had a book Disappearing Act a few years ago.

  3. Lisa Wren said,

    WOW! What a gift you have! I think it sounds great! Good luck!:)

  4. Mel said,

    Jenny– I liked it a lot. I found it attention-grabbing. Hope it goes well! Keep us up to date!


    • jennybondurant said,

      Thanks, Mel!

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