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Waiting …

Posted in Writing by jennybondurant on November 10, 2009

I signed with the Zack Literary Agency in late September. One of the hardest things to do in the sign-up process was ask for references from the agent. Maybe it’s my personality, or maybe it’s all the horror stories I’ve heard about doing the wrong things and getting crossed off an agent’s list, but I thought – wait – shouldn’t I be grateful that I’ve gotten this far, to an offer from a REAL agent? He likes my book, so shouldn’t that be all I need? What if he is offended that I am questioning his legitimacy?

I had to truly accept that the agent/writer relationship, once agreed upon, is a two-way street. In the query stages, the writer is down a notch, pleading for notice, for a chance. Once the door opens, however, the agent needs the writer’s story as much as the writer needs the agent. So making sure that both parties are happy with arrangement is important. I asked for, and received with little fanfare, three references. I communicated via email with two of them and found that the agent is fair and honest.

Honest. What a great word to describe someone.

So I signed the agreement and we were off! Yes! Time to get published! And now … we wait.
Zack sent out the first proposals to publishers in late October. He sent me the list of the recipients with a promise to keep me posted on the responses. So far, no word.

The query process has started all over again, but this time I am off the hook – the agent is working for me. What an odd, wonderful feeling.